Floda, a small town near Gothenburg, offers a multitude of recreational and natural resources. At the same time, it has to deal with great challenges and barriers such as the main railway line and motorway connecting Gothenburg and Stockholm. Topology and water offers equal limitations, where account has to be taken to flood risk of the Säve River. In the proposal, the site is divided and developed in different zones, each with it‘s own specific character and typologies, corresponding to the possibilities, limitations and features of it‘s context. A key strategic parameter is the implementation af different typologies and housing concepts that can attract different user groups, that eventually would help Floda become a manifold and secure area with a high level of service and quality of life.
Floda C Masterplan
Client: Floda Kommun / Sveriges Arkitekter
Year: 2012
Status: Competition entry
Size: ca 15 hectares
Use: Masterplan for housing, service and retail

Arkitekt Johan Bergström
Vermlandsgade 75
DK-2300 Kopenhagen
+45 27467100