The Town Hall marks the border between the old village and the open landscape. The additional volume is inspired by a ship - to underline the ancient function of Tønder as a port - and by the town wall as a phenomenon, marking the spot where the city ends, and the landscape starts. Village centre and moore are connected through the building by a public foyer and gallery stretching across the complex. The extension appear as a clearly defined volume in close interaction with the existing building as well as as with the expansive landscape. 

Tønder Rådhus
Client: Akademisk arkitektforening
Year: 2013
Status: competition (unbuilt)
Size: 3.500 sqm
Use: office building

View from the moore

Plan of the ground floor

Arkitekt Johan Bergström
Vermlandsgade 75
DK-2300 Kopenhagen
+45 27467100